» Problem Solving

By figuring out possible causes for a problem and coming up with solutions in different ways.

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» Creativi​ty

Imagination and implementing new ideas can solve many problems. 

» Learning Mindset

Eagerness to learn, improve and asking for help from others.

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What is Coding?

Coding is the behind scene language within each app, phone and website you use today.  Coding is becoming integral part of many professions, as the world is going through digital transformation and will require solid digital skills. It’s been proven that learning to code reinforces math skills, helping kids visualize abstract concepts and apply

math to real-world situations. It also teaches logical communication,

strengthening both verbal and written skills.

How are classes setup?

Classes are offered in multiple time slots after-school and weekends.  Classes are divided by grades and levels.  This program is highly recommended for kids in grade K - 2 for early development. 

Why should I enroll my child at Kodikas?

Kodikas has customized curriculum and small class-room size so your child gets focused attention by instructors to guide them.  Kids will learn creative storytelling, make their own games. All our instructors are background checked and knowledgeable in area of technology.