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Teach kids to fail early on!!


Been an early adapter of technology, kids develop skills of trying something new and program it.   While learning to code has nothing to do with failure but it provides a new area of developing one ownself by learning something.   Debugging is to fix the errors in code one by one before the whole program runs 100%.  This process allows kids to fail early on while coding and not discourage themselves instead they learn to resolve their issues and stay focused.   Collaborative learning helps them to improve as they can ask for help from their peers sitting next to them or get help from instructors.  This learning method is exercised at Kodikas and we ensure that solutions are not readily available to kids instead they are a pushed to come up with their own solution with the guidance of course. Failure is stepping stone to be successful.    The whole idea is to develop kids mindset with new things whether its technology or experiencing new food and culture while traveling.   Develop a learning mindset while failing.